WARNING:  The Slim on Starch Weight Loss Program Is Limited To Only 100 People! 86/100 Spots Already Gone...
Learn how to lose belly fat, increase your energy levels and finally feel like you again with a nonrestrictive plant based diet… in just 8 weeks! 
Lost six more inches this week, even though I felt like I was eating SO much. I am 100% hooked on this lifestyle!
Carly - Slim on Starch Student
A Sustainable Plant Based Lifestyle Is Closer Than You Think...
Having helped 10’s of thousands of women improve their health, lose weight and begin their plant based journey I hear it all the time...

“Emmie, I’ve tried diets before, but as soon as I stop the diet I just put the weight right back on” 

And I’m not surprised. Most diets that people follow are crash diets designed to get you quick BUT unsustainable results… 

Let me ask you a question, how many other species on earth go ON a diet? 


We are supposed to HAVE a diet, not be ON a diet!

That’s why to create a lifelong change you need more than an unsustainable calorie restriction that’s going to leave you feeling deflated, unmotivated and always looking forward to the end of the program you are on! 

So what do you do instead?

I’ve spent the last 4 years developing a process designed to create lasting change… and do you know what’s funny?

The only strategies I’ve found to work have NOTHING to do with restricting your eating, counting calories or sapping any form of fun out of your life! 

Key Benefits of The Slim on Starch Program
Easy to follow methods to change your lifestyle and lead a healthier life
No restrictive diets stopping you from eating what you want
Noticeably More energy and vibrance 
Improved Health While Still Being Able to Indulge in Favorite Foods
No restrictions and no confusing calorie counting
Supportive community of likeminded people on a similar journey
Easy meal prep and delicious recipes
Complete lifestyle change! No more yo-yo diets!
Check Out These Results From Other 
Slim On Starch Clients
Who Already Took The Leap Of Faith And Joined Us...
But This Program Doesn't Only Achieve Incredible Weightloss
See The Other Benefits Members Have Received
The Slim on Starch Lifestyle Program is perfect for women aged 30-60 who…
  • Struggle with feeling lost about HOW to lose weight sustainably and keep it off for good.
  • ​Are constantly saying “today’s the day I start my diet” but soon enough end up, Ice cream in hand! 
  • ​Believe that the only way to be lean is to also be miserable and are looking for a way to lose weight AND enjoy life
  • ​Are embarrassed to be intimate with their partner due to the way they look and feel with their clothes off
  • ​Have struggled in the past with yo-yo dieting and fear being overweight even longer

Here’s the good news, you don’t need to struggle with ANY of these issues anymore…

In fact, in just 8 weeks, you can develop a sustainable lifestyle that has the ability to transform your body on a plant based diet.

Now, you may be thinking how that is even possible, well, here’s how…

The "Slim on Starch" Lifestyle Program
That’s designed to revitalise energy, help you lose those stubborn pounds, and make you feel like YOU again! Here's what you get:
Personal Accountability Check Ins With Our Coaches
Get personal check ins Dr. Catherine and Coach Kiki every week. This is your chance to chat through your struggles and to keep accountable. This accountability helps ingrain the lifestyle to become completely subconscious!
Personalised Plant Based Meal Plan
Eating for your goal is key... Emmie will personally map out a complete meal plan for you to follow. But don't worry, there are no restrictive diets or counting calories needed! 
Weekly Video Lecture
Each week you will get access to a video lecture breaking down the philosophy and fundamentals of the slim on starch program. This is to provide you with the knowledge to maintain your weight-loss after the initial 8 weeks.
You're Also Going to Get These Exclusive Bonuses 100% Free...
Private Members Only Support System
Having a supportive community of likeminded people is GREAT for motivation. Our private members only Facebook group is full of women all on this journey to a more energetic and healthier lifestyle!
The Plant Based Cookbook
Never have to worry about what to cook again. The plant based cookbook has over 40+ delicious recipes you can go to when you need something tasty to cook.
Weekly Live Q&A Calls
Confusion can often lead to frustration. Thats why every week I will jump on a Live call to answer all your questions. Whether its food related, lifestyle or you just fancy a chat!
Access to The Private Membership Site
All of your information is stored on our private membership site. Meaning you can access the lectures, your meal plans and the live sessions from any device whenever you want! 
What Makes the 8 Week Eat What You Want Plant Based Lifestyle Program Unique… 
Advanced research backed nutrition and training advice specifically designed to achieve a lifestyle change and not a crash diet thats you can’t sustain! 

No calorie counting or restrictive diets, literally eat as much as you want following the guidlines we lay out.

Program perfectly designed for women that want to find the real you. Have more energy, feel revitalised and lose weight!

Created by a nutritionist that has helped 10’s thousands of women on their journey to a happier and healthier plant based lifestyle. 

Apply Today to Reboot Your Energy, Lose Weight, Feel a 100% Better, & Live a Happy Healthy Plant Based Life
About Emmie
I am passionate about helping busy women who are, “Sick and tired of feeling stuck frustrated and wanting to change”


Because I believe that every women has the right to feel great inside and out! 

Hey I'm Emily Keefe - better known as Healthy Emmie.

After gaining my nutritionist certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition I was simultaneously working as a schoolteacher...

I decided to combine my passion for teaching and helping others regain their health through the creation of the Slim on Starch Program.

Now having personally guided over 100 clients through the program to the body and health of their dreams!

I've also built an online tribe of incredible women (The "Healthy Hunnies") and been able to impact millions of people through Youtube, Instagram and my Facebook group. 

I'm Always looking to add massive value so recently authored a book to help women achieve the body they deserve! 

The feeling I get when I check in with clients and they are so happy with their progress is incredible... 

...and to top it off I was recently endorsed by the Doctors for Nutrition NGO after being invited as a media presence to the Australasian Nutrition Healthcare Conference in 2019.

To your success on your plant based lifestyle!
Much Love
Healthy Emmie 
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